As this new year approaches, we’re all wondering about our social media initiatives: What is better, more friends or more engagement? A strong social media presence is about creating a strong engagement with customers. Where many markets believe that increasing numbers by reach is the best solution for gaining an existing and potential customer-base, new […]

Gaining the end of the year, it only seems appropriate to recap trends that effect marketing in 2012. Obviously, the emerging dominance of marketing in 2012 came from social media. This year, we saw Pinterest as a defining platform of engagement, as well as Google+ and, of course, Facebook. As marketers, I think we’ve all […]

Earlier at Click and Engage, we discussed the power of reimagining the traditional retail marketplace. Bonobos, a men’s apparel company, had set out to extended the customer experience with the ease of online shopping. By providing individuals with a physical venue in which they could consult with retail professionals, as well as supplying customers with […]

When one thinks of “emerging media” it’s easy to think of the big-players in the advertising industry. Sure, we all stand on the shoulders of innovation, but not everyone – might I say, hardly anyone – has the advertising bank to turn-heads like Unilever’s “Swipe An Angel”, or the Hyundai Accent 3D projection mapping. But […]

Social media continues to be the buzzword amongst marketers these days. And as new social media networks, like Pinterest, attract huge audiences, each new platform becomes the “Wild West” for companies and organizations looking to utilize the podium and connect. If you’ve incorporated social networking into your communication strategy — excellent! If not, let me share some quick […]

Many of us use mobile technology in one way or another to influence our purchasing decisions. Even if we are not immediately purchasing a product by way of a mobile device, we are often utilizing the technology to compare prices, research competitive products, and explore user reviews. This act has become so routine, that the […]

How has technology influenced our day-to-day decision-making, our social interactions, and how we gather and connect with information? I’m not asking this question hoping to immediately quantify the importance of technology and its influence in our independent lives; rather, I ask this question as an opportunity for us to recognize how already use technology as […]